5 Enticing Reasons to Teach Business English in Thailand

You want to teach English in Thailand.

But you’re still wondering if you have the patience and skills to teach children. Or you’re wondering if you want to spend your time in the same classroom, in the same school, five days a week.

Other options exist depending on your teaching credentials. If you have a university degree you could teach in private schools. If you have a master’s degree you could teach English in one of Thailand’s universities.

But what if you want to teach English in Thailand without a degree?

Don’t worry. Because you can teach Business English to adults in language centers and at corporations in Thailand.

Here are five enticing reasons to teach Business English in Thailand.

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Want to teach English in Thailand? Consider teaching Business English to adults.

You teach English in different locations everyday

One of the biggest perks with teaching Business English in Thailand is that you’re not tied down to one classroom or school everyday. Because you’ll teach at different corporations a few times per week, you’ll get to travel around the city, constantly changing teaching environments. One day you’ll teach at a corporation in the heart of the city, the next day you’ll teach in the quiet outskirts of Bangkok.

You meet new people when you teach English in Thailand

Teaching Business English in Thailand gives you the chance to meet many new and interesting people. In the business English classroom you’ll have up to 25 English language learners in each course. And since you’re teaching adults, you’ll make friends in every classroom. I’ve known teachers who’ve met their future husbands and wives while teaching business English, and I’ve known others who’ve made lasting friendships with their students.

You get paid more per hour for teaching business English

Pound for pound, the average pay for teaching business English is more than teaching in government schools. And government schools are where you’ll most likely have to start teaching English while you build up your resume. That is, if you don’t want to teach business English. Teaching Business English, you could make about 600 baht ($17) upwards. After fours hours of teaching per day, that’s 2400 baht ($75). Your friends who work in government schools will be making less than that for working 8 hours per day.

You have more fun teaching English to Thai adults

It’s no secret. Thais love to have fun. If you teach a boring English class to your adult Thai students, you’ll lose them. If you keep the lessons light and enjoyable, your students will open up. And when your Thai students open up in the classroom you’ll be amazed at what topics come up. So be sure to include plenty of games when teaching English and you’ll have the time of your life in the Business English classroom.

You keep an open and flexible schedule

When you teach English in Thailand you’ll work in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. But rarely will you work all three times on the same day, everyday. This gives you plenty of time to explore the city in short bursts, relax at a coffee shop, go shopping, or loaf around and prepare your next ESL Business English lesson.

No matter what reasons you have for teaching Business English in Thailand, you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

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