Life in Thailand Podcast Episode 2: Having a Baby in Thailand

In this episode of Life in Thailand I talk about the differences between having a baby in Thailand and having a baby in America. And I use examples from the birth of our first daughter in America and the birth of our second daughter in Thailand.

Plan on having a baby in Thailand?

Thailand is more laid back than America. When we had our first daughter in America, we felt like our hands were being held the entire time. Whereas in Thailand we were expected to do everything ourselves.

This podcast was inspired by a thread I posted on Reddit.

Read it here: In 2014 I moved my family from America to Thailand and haven’t looked back. Ask me anything.

The questions from the thread were excellent. But I realized I’d need more time to answer all of them. So in addition to answering them briefly in the thread, I want to answer them in detail on the podcast.

If you’d like me to answer your question about living, traveling, or working in Thailand, fill out the form on the contact page and I’ll answer your question on a future show.

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